Victorian House from the year 1850, where president Garfield used to stay, in Rupert, VT, sold as is, and only house is being sold if you can move it elsewhere and do so on your own account, taking full responsibility for the move.
Again, we are not selling the land/location, but the building only, if you can move it to a location of your own.  **Please note that if you want to purchase this building, you are only purchasing the building and agreeing to have it moved.  Moving it will be the sole responsibility of the buyer, and buyer understands the land/property it currently sits on is not for sale.**
Seller's condition:  when purchasing the building you agree to move it to a location of your own, accepting all related costs and responsibilities of the move of the building.  You must hire an insured company to move this property.
You agree that the seller is not selling the land where the building is currently located, but only the building to shown in the pictures.  You must remove the building and move it to a new location of your own, and waive the current owner of any and all liability related to such move.  You must give the seller the details of the company that will be moving the house to its new location. By making a bid or purchase you agree to this.  Seller may agree to have buyer demolish the property if the buyer is only interested in the beautiful old lumber and wooden floors of the house, which would amount to more than the asking price, however, buyer must agree to take full responsibility for all documentation and cost of such process and must agree to the removal of any debris, and must do so with a fully insured company.