$200 FACE value USA mint / unused postage stamps....Mixed denominations / "Grab bag" style lot with lots of variety.  This lot contains $200 face value in mint USA postage stamps.  Majority commemorative stamps and
all are useable as postage for your mailings.  Pick through them - use some / collect some.  Lot will contain mostly commemorative stamps from the 1940's/50's up until the early 2000's.  Depending on inventory, expect to
get denominations up to at least 32c/33c.  If inventory allows, higher denoms may be included.  Lower value denominations (under 12c) will not represent more than 15% of the makeup of this lot.  Lot will include a good variety
of stamps in singles, strips, blocks, plate blocks, sheetlettes, and even perhaps sheets.  All are full gum and not damaged.  Satisfaction guaranteed on all of my listings without conditions.  I have been a member of the 
APS (member 149718) for over 25 years.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
(The listed photo of the lot listed here is not the actual photo of the items you will receive but a representation of the grab bag style lot that
is being sold here.  Because each lot is different, we can not and will not be able to provide a detailed list of the items in the lot you will receive )