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Number of reports Purchase price  Discount How to get it 2 $11.40  5% Make an offer 3 $16.20 10% Make an offer 4 $20.40 15% Make an offer 7 $25 40% eBay item click here 11 $35 47% eBay item click here 50 $125 59% eBay item click here




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Attention eBay staff, this Listing is not violating any of your rules as:

- This report is mailed not Digitally delivered.

- This report is not THE CARFAX report.


YOU GET: Vehicle History Report, Vehicle Highlights, SmartBuyer Checklist, Warranty Check ALL in one purchase!

Example: https://www.carfax.com/phoenix/vehicle_history/SampleReport.cfx?reportName=oneOwnerCleanLateModel


All sales will go to Children's Hospital